Hey guys!

As I’m sure many of you are aware I have been running this blog since April of 2015. This has been absolutely amazing and It blows my mind to see just how far the page has come over the years. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you’ve all been giving me – it’s really made it all worthwhile. However, a lot in my life has changed since starting the blog. I am now at university and it’s becoming harder and harder to find time to write regular reviews and posts. There have been multiple times this year where I have found a film, TV show or album that I desperately wanted to tell you about – but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to write a full review.

As such, I would like to announce a new change coming to my blog in 2017 – DAILY RECOMMENDATIONS!!!


Starting in 2017 my aim is to recommend you a piece of content every day for the entire year. This can be anything from a film, to a book, a TV show, an album, pretty much anything that I like that I think you’ll enjoy. This change will not only mean that I can explore a variety of different mediums that I haven’t really spoken about (like music and books), it also means that I can cover/give my thoughts on more things in 2017 – meaning that by the end of next year you’ll have 365 new recommendations to enjoy.

All you need to do (if you haven’t already) is like ReelReviewDude on Facebook or follow it on either Twitter @ReelReviewDude or Tumblr http://reelreviewdude.tumblr.com/ to stay updated.

I’ll still be doing my traditional full reviews from time to time. But, this new style of review should give to the ability to share more of what I love with you all.

I hope you have a fantastic new years

Much love

Sam 🙂 xx


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